Thursday, January 1, 2015

Highmaul Progression

Well, I spent a while tonight working on various Highmaul bosses. I joined a group for Tectus first, but didn't manage to get him down. We came quite close several times, but various mistakes (Barrage targets kept running through the ranged group) kept us from finishing the job.

Usually in LFR people leave after one or two wipes, which I think is pretty silly. I doubt whatever group you go to next will do any better. In this group a fair number of people stayed through the final attempt, and I really felt like we were working together and improving on the fight. Definitely helps you understand the appeal of a raiding guild.

One thing that is helpful for the Tectus fight, and I hadn't seen mentioned in any guides, is to mark a healer and have the ranged group stack on them after each spike. In my other Tectus groups people would try to stay together, but would often end up fragmenting into two or three smaller groups, which makes the final phase a mess. Marking a leader made it much easier to maintain a single group.

Anyway, after that I went on to Brackenspore and one-shot it with a different group. In fact, I disconnected partway through the fight and came back to the boss at 25% health. Honestly that boss seems much easier than the others I've seen so far, his damage output is just very light.

Finally I joined a Butcher group and wound up getting it down on the second try. Amusingly, I wound up switching the Gushing Wound stacks, since nobody else wanted to volunteer. I did die near the end of the fight when I let the bleed debuff get to 4 stacks by accident, but at least none of my DPS died. 

I think my healing was better than last time, but still not nearly good enough. I healed the tanks a lot less (since you get 200% throughput instead of 150% that way), but I need to be much better about using Holy Prism and HS on cooldown. Additionally, I went ahead and put the sprit enchant on my weapon, which was extremely helpful. It gives 500 spirit with a ~35% uptime, which is roughly equivalent to 175 spirit. That's almost as good as an additional trinket slot!

Edit: As it happened, someone uploaded a log for the fight, so I had a look. My HPS was 22k, 80% of lead, which is an improvement - particularly given that moving cost me some HPS. My goal for next time is to get that up to 28k.

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