Monday, January 12, 2015

Butcher Update

I had the opportunity to go on another Butcher raid. I managed to pull 36.5k HPS and top the meters. Here are some things which I felt helped:
  • Used an int flask, int rune and Savage Feast, as well as a mana potion.
  • Glyphed wings and used it on cooldown. I think this glyph is very useful for LFR / PuG raids, since it seems like a lot of the extra healing goes to overheal when it's unglyphed.
  • Used Holy Shock / Prism as often as possible.
  • Healed Beacon targets the absolute minimum possible.
  • Paid attention to free Eternal Flame procs.
To be honest, I'm pretty surprised by how much difference a modest increase in skill makes, at least in terms of raw HPS.

Now to try to improve my performance on some of the more complicated fights in Highmaul. Unfortunately, it's pretty tough to find a decent pickup group that sticks together for more than a couple of bosses. I have joined a small raiding guild, so we'll see how that goes.

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