Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Highmaul PUGs

I did a full clear of Highmaul in LFR today, and got 2 epics for a change. I also managed to kill Kargath in a Normal pick-up group.

The most amusing part was when we went on to Butcher, and the raid leadership wanted to try it with all the melee DPS in one stack. Of course they all died about a minute into the fight, and we wiped. I don't think they realized that Gushing Wound instantly kills at 5 stacks, instead of just doing progressively more damage.

I was unpleasantly surprised when someone linked healing meters after the second attempt, and my healing was just over a third of the top healer's! In my defense, he was a resto druid in full epics - and my healing was only about 3% behind the other holy paladin. Still, I'll need to read up and see if I could be doing anything differently. I know I have a bad habit of using HS on my Beacon target, which isn't really mana-efficient.

I also tried Tectus in a different group. That fight's actually a lot of fun, but unfortunately I died both times to running through the trail left by Crystalline Barrage. Normally I do pretty well at moving out of things, but that effect is pretty subtle relative to the amount of damage it does. Oh well, at least I'm learning.

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